FasTrans automated PCR workstation

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Universal and flexible automated pipetter. Exchangeable pipetting heads with 1, 3, 4, and 6 channels. Perfect for rapid PCR set-up.

FasTrans automated PCR workstation

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FasTrans applications range from simple microplate pipetting to complete production of a PCR batch. FasTrans not only fully automates washing routines and pipetting processes for sample dilutions, it can also perform reagent, sample and mother-daughter plate transfers and can handle all 96, 384 and even 1536 plate formats.

The different available multi-channel heads can be mounted at either 0 or 90 degree angles. As a result, FasTrans is suitable for a multitude of general pipetting tasks when preparing small to medium sized samples. Its versatility also makes it excellent for use as a low-density arrayer.

Key Features

  • Universal & flexible automated pipetter
  • Robust and reliable mechanism
  • Highly consistent and reproducible results
  • Servomotor for rapid and quiet operation
  • Volume range: 0.5 µL up to 250 µL
  • Exchangeable heads with 1, 3, 4 and 6 channels
  • Pipetting, dispensing and mixing functions
  • Freely definable sample configuration in 9, 4.5 or 2.25 mm, grid, other grids applicable as well
  • Piercing capable
  • 9 user-defined positions in 96 well SBS standard format

Easiest possible PCR batch preparation

FasTrans was especially designed for automated preparation of PCR plates, and serves as an easy and reliable method for rapid production of PCR batches in standard PCR plates/tubes and in “SpeedCycler” 36 and 96 well microplates LP. The risk of cross-contamination can be reduced further through the use of sealing foils that can be pierced. The option of adjusting the dosing speed, also makes it possible to process viscous media with-out difficulty. In addition, nine user-defined positions in a 96 well MTP standard-format enhance the flexibility of FasTrans.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable dosing speed
  • Controlled by PC software (included)
  • Graphic generation of pipetting protocols
  • Configuration wizard
  • Available with or without housing
  • Also applicable as a microarrayer

Alternative use as a microarrayer

FasTrans is a compact tabletop device that can also be used as a microarrayer in biochip research and development. The user-defined spot layout allows the device to handle biochips of various sizes, which, in turn, makes it possible to program dots as small as 0.5 µL and to dispense onto a biochip in predefined shapes.

Software with intuitive operating concept

The software is impressive by virtue of its intuitive graphic user interface, making it safe and easy to use. Selecting pipetting parameters is extraordinarily easy and always ensures lawless pipetting results.

Available pipetting heads

For the FasTrans a number of pipetting heads are available. Those are exchangeable in a simple way without any tool. You may choose between 1, 3, 4 and 6 channel heads for 0.5 – 30 µl or 5 – 250 µl pipetting volume. Multi channel heads can be mounted either at orientation of 0° or 90°.

Number of positions

9, in microplate standard format (SBS)


Size (µL)

10 ART-filter (sterile)
20 Sterile/non-sterile
50 Sterile/non-sterile and ART-filter (sterile)
175 ART-filter (sterile)
200 Sterile/non-sterile

Working capacity

0,5  -  30 µl as well as 5  -  250 µl

Pipetting heads

1 channel head, expandable to 3, 4 and 6 channels by simple click technique

Additional technical data


1× RS 232 for PC connection

Power supply

100  -  240  V

Power consumption

80 VA


50/60 Hz

Required operating system

Minimum requirement: Windows 98


Pentium II


64 MB

Hard disk space

2 MB

(W × H × D)

Without  housing:  590 ×  420 ×  480 mm

With  housing:  590 ×  450 ×  500 mm


Without housing: 20 kg

With housing: 23 kg


Basic unit system

2 years

Pipetting head

2 years

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