Laboratory Liquid Dispensers from Nichiryo

Core Life Sciences is proud to offer Nichiryo's complete line of lab liquid dispensers. All products are available at competitive prices and with free shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

Hand-Held Dispensers

Nichiryo's hand-held dispensers include a number of valuable features. These features include wide variations of dispensing (up to 35 or 40 for the Model 8100 and Nichimate Stepper, respectively), ergonomic design and easy-to-change volume settings, and suitability for viscose liquids.

Bottle-Top Dispensers

Nichiryo's bottle-top dispensers are leading instruments for liquid handling with bottles in life science laboratories. Nichiryo's bottle-top dispensers are made from precision, durable parts, can be easily dismantled and changed, are light weight and easy to use, and fit on a variety of different bottle types. In addition, Nichiryo's Accupenser Jr. model includes a funnel port for addition of liquids without removal of the bottle top, and Nichiryo's Dispet EX and Accupenser Jr. are both autoclavable.

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