Single Channel Pipettes from Nichiryo

Core Life Sciences has partnered with Nichiryo to provide a leading line of single channel pipettes:

  • Nichipet Premium, Nichiryo's flagship pipette. Extreme precision and durability. 5 year warranty.
  • Nichipet EX II. Fully autoclavable, UV resistant, and very durable.
  • Nichipet EX Plus II, Nichiryo's solvent resistant pipette. Also autoclavable and UV resistant, it is the solvent resistant version of the Nichipet EX II.
  • Nichiryo Le, an economical workhorse pipette perfect for beginners.

Accuris NextPette single channel pipettes

We are pleased to carry the new NextPette from Accuris Instruments. The NextPette is a light weight ergonomic pipette.

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  1. Accuris NextPette Pipette

    Accuris NextPette Pipette

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    A light weight, ergonomic, and durable single channel pipette. Catalog number P7700-2, P7700-10, P7700-20, P7700-100, P7700-200, P7700-1000 - Learn More
  2. Nichiryo Le economical pipette

    Nichiryo Le economical pipette

    Free Shipping

    A light weight, ergonomic, and economical pipette -- the perfect model for beginners and education. Catalog number 00-NLE-XXXX - Learn More
  3. Nichiryo Nichipet EX II pipette

    Nichiryo Nichipet EX II pipette

    Free Shipping

    A well-rounded pipette, offering durability, comfortable ergonomics, high accuracy and high precision Catalog number 00-NPX2-2, 00-NPX2-10, 00-NPX2-20, 00-NPX2-100, and more - Learn More
  4. Nichiryo Nichipet EX Plus II solvent resistant pipette

    Nichiryo Nichipet EX Plus II solvent resistant pipette

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    Nichiryo's solvent resistant pipette. The Nichipet EX Plus II features a PTFE air-tight chamber, perfluoro rubber O-ring, solvent resistant plunger, and corrosion resistant alloy spring. Catalog number 00-NPL02-2, 00-NPL02-10, 00-NPL02-20, 00-NPL02-100, and more - Learn More
  5. Nichiryo Nichipet Premium pipette

    Nichiryo Nichipet Premium pipette

    Free Shipping

    Nichiryo's flagship autoclavable micro pipette. The Nichipet Premium features a ceramic plunger, abrasion tolerant nozzle, insulated impact-resistant body, easy calibration, durable seal ring, and a 5 year warranty. Catalog number 00-NPP-2, 00-NPP-10, 00-NPP-20, 00-NPP-100, 00-NPP-200, and more - Learn More

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