PersonalArrayer 16 microarray spotter

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Highly flexible, efficient, and economical bench-top microarray spotter, available with both contact printing and proprietary non-contact dispensing.

PersonalArrayer 16 microarray spotter

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PersonalArrayer 16 is a new highly flexible and efficient microarray spotter suitable for both proteomics and genomics. It is equipped with both contact printing and proprietary non-contact MicroDispense™ dispensing technology.

Integrated MicroDispense™ technology makes the PersonalArrayer 16 particularly well suited for proteomics. The PersonalArrayer 16's compact design and flexible functions also make it the ideal microarrayer for research labs.

PersonalArrayer is for research use only.

Microdispense™ Technology

CapitalBio Corporation's proprietary Microdispense™ technology is particularly suited for protein array production. It has a dynamic volume capacity of 10 nl - 50 µl (compared to the dynamic dispensing range of 20 nl - 20 µl of synQUAD™ from Genomic Solutions) for high throughput protein array production. For each 50µl pipetting of sample solution, the PersonalArrayer can dispense at least forty-five hundred 10 nl spots on chips with consistent volume, spot size and morphology. The solution remaining after spotting can be immediately returned to the sample plate to avoid waste. Read our whitepaper guide on CapitalBio's Microdispense™ technology to learn more.

Dual Printing Capabilities

Non-contact dispensing and contact printing are integrated into the PersonalArrayer 16. Users can change from one module to another in several minutes. Because of the different nature (viscosity) of protein sample preparations compared to oligonucleotide samples (aqueous solutions), most protein chip application require non-contact dispensing rather than contact printing. The Personal Arrayer 16 opens a door to the user for multiple microarray applications.


  • Fabricate gene chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing
  • Fabricate protein chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing
  • Compatible with slide spotting and plate spotting, allowing you to create slide arrays or plate arrays
  • Can be used for microarray fabrication on membranes
  • Non-contact Microdispense™ technology applies to biological samples including nucleotides, proteins, and cell fragments

Key Features

  • Flexibility: Users can choose different modules for different printing applications
  • Active intelligence: Automatic identification of slide/plate deck and spotting/dispensing module, and automatic fluid level sensing
  • Dispense volumes are adjustable from 10 nl to 50 µl
  • Air pressure-driven dispensing ensures no direct contact with slide substrates, resulting in greater sample recovery and less contamination
  • User-friendly software interface with a selection of array designs and array previews
  • High efficiency pinhead wash: Customizable combination of sonication, water/solvent wash with high speed peristaltic pump and vacuum drying of printing pins
  • Compact bench-top design

PersonalArrayer 16 Print Heads

Contact printing head:

Non-contact spotting head:

*As pictured on the SmartArrayer series of spotters. PersonalArrayer can have only one channel of non-contact printing.

PersonalArrayer 16 Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning protocol for contact printing:


Cleaning protocol for non-contact spotting:

Specifications Contact Spotting Non-Contact Dispensing
Substrate Capacity Two 96-well plates, or 16 slides, or membrane of size up to 18.2 × 25.7cm
Sample Capacity One 96/384-well plate
Repeat Precision ≤±10 µm
Spotting Efficiency 384 samples, 3 replicates, 15 slides / 2 hours
HEPA filtration included
Humidity control included
Cleaning modes Wash, sonicate, vacuum dry
Dimensions, L × W × H 22.0 × 19.7 × 17.1 in (560 × 500 × 435mm)
No. Pins / Nozzle Holds up to 4 pins 1 nozzle
Sample Uptake Volume 0.25 - 1.25 µl 3- 50 µl
Sample Delivery Volume 0.5 – 12.5 nl 10-104 nl (adjustable)
Minimum Sample Required 5 µl(384-well plate) 15 µl (384-well plate)
Center-to-center Distance ≤250 µm ≤1 mm
Voltage AC 110V / AC 220V
Power 200 Watts
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
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