Fast, flexible, and reliable qPCR analysis in an open format.

qbase+ is a leading qPCR analysis software package intended for users of all experience levels. It can be used for a variety of types of qPCR experiments:

  • mRNA gene expression profiling (large set of targets)
  • mRNA gene expression analysis (limited set targets)
  • miRNA profiling studies (large set of targets)
  • miRNA validation studies (limited set targets)
  • gene copy number analysis
  • geNorm pilot study to find stably expressed reference genes

Why qbase+?

  • Reliable. qbase+ was developed by recognized qPCR experts Jo Vandesompele and Jan Hellemans. Its integrated algorithms and features have been published in peer reviewed journals, and it is MIQE compliant.
  • Easy. qbase's automated calculations eliminate the need for in-depth knowledge of all formulas for normalization and error propagation. Its four-step statistical analysis wizard does not require knowledge about bio-statistics. And, qbase's GeNorm report eliminates the need to be an interpretation expert.
  • Fast. With qbase+, analyses that would take more than a day in a spreadsheet can be done in a few minutes. Analyzed data can quickly and easily be exported.
  • Flexible. Use qbase+ for small or high-throughput experiments. Complete user controls allow for setting quality control thresholds, eliminating bad quality data points, defining number of technical replicates of reference genes, and more. Data can be imported from most qPCR instruments.

Read more about the features of qbase plus.

You can also watch this video overview, or see our introductory PDF brochure.

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