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RapidPCR Application Notes

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Amplification of microbial strains from soil isolates BS_PCR_01_04_e
Long Range PCR: SpeedCycler amplification of a 24 kb fragment fromhuman genomic DNA (placenta DNA)BS_PCR_02_04_e
One Step RT-PCR using the SuperScriptTM III System with Platinum TaqDNA Polymerase (Invitrogen)BS_PCR_01_05_e
Amplification of a beta globin fragment (210 bp) with BD TitaniumTM TaqDNA Polymerase (BD Biosciences)BS_PCR_02_05_e
Amplification of a beta globin fragment (538 bp) from human genomic DNA BS_PCR_01_06_e
Amplification of a 430 – 750 bp fragment, a tandem repeat at chromosome1 (The D1S80 – system)BS_PCR_02_06_e
Amplification of ITS2 (part of 45S rDNA) from plant BrachycomedichromosomaticaBS_PCR_03_06_e
Amplification of a E.coli specific 536 bp target sequence within 8 min BS_PCR_04_06_e
Multiple (STR) PCR using Applied Biosystem AmpFl STR® SGM Plus® withSpeedCyclerBS_PCR_06_06_e
PCR amplification of a 123 bp fragment from the insertion element IS6110of Mycobacterium tuberculosisBS_PCR_07_06_e
Reliable detection of clinically relevant Staphylococci using the hyplexStaphyloResist® test systemBS_PCR_08_06_e
Amplification of a 129 bp HB Virus specific sequence for Hepatitis Bdetermination by using rapid PCRBS_PCR_09_06_e
Quantitative cPCR considered on the example of Porphyromonasgingivalis wildtype (488 bp) and competitor (276 bp) amplificationBS_PCR_10_06_e
PCR amplification of an Actinobacillus actinomycetem-comitans wild type(547 bp) and competitor (274 bp) specific fragment as optimization toaccomplish cPCRBS_PCR_11_06_e
Optimization of PCR conditions to amplify a specific Treponema denticolawildtyp and competitor sequence to accomplish cPCRBS_PCR_12_06_e
STR Typing by using Promega's PowerPlex® 16 System combined withSpeedCyclerBS_PCR_13_06_e
Amplification of a 641 bp specific Bacteroides forsythus sequence by usingrapid PCR with SpeedCyclerBS_PCR_14_06_e
The enteric Helicobacter bilis as target for rapid amplification withSpeedCyclerBS_PCR_15_06_e
Validation for SNP diagnostics of the Factor V Leiden mutation –Amplification of the relevant sequence with SpeedCyclerBS_PCR_16_06_e
Detection of genetically modified – Roundup Ready® – soybeans by usingrapid PCR with SpeedCyclerBS_PCR_01_07_e
Detection of transgenic Maize by rapid polymerase chain reaction withSpeedCyclerBS_PCR_02_07_e
Determination of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by using rapidPCR withSpeedCycler and two different polymerasesBS_PCR_03_07_e
Amplification of alleles of the HLA-DRB1 gene, optimized for 50 µl-assays BS_PCR_05_06_e
Detection of a human-specific Alu insertion using a PV92 primer mix withSpeedCyclerBS_PCR_04_07_e
Detection of 3 different human-specific beta-globin fragments using 4different primers and the AlphaSCBS_PCR_01_08
Amplification of a 1 kb DNA fragment from the bacteriophage lambdausing the SPR 48 block of AlphaSCBS_PCR_01_09


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