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Complete PCR runs in under 8 minutes.
Quantitative Real-Time PCR in under 30 minutes.
Complete PCR runs in under 8 minutes.
Precise. Versatile. Won't break your budget.

The SmartArrayer 136 is a flexible high-throughput
arrayer with a capacity of 136 slides or 16 96-well plates.
Precise 3 µm positioning repeatability for up to 136 slides.

  • Array using ArrayIt pins or CapitalBio's proprietary air-driven spotting
  • Excellent environmental controls and outstanding print-head cleaning
  • Suitable for gene chip or protein chip fabrication, on slides, plates, and membranes
Precise. Versatile. Won't break your budget.

The CapitalBio PersonalArrayer 16 microarray spotter is compact and highly flexible--suitable for arraying nucleotides, proteins, and cell fragments.

  • Microdispense™ technology for high throughput protein array production
  • Contact printing and air-driven non-contact dispensing capabilities
  • Suitable for printing onto slides, plates, and membranes
Superior Performance, Superior Value

The CapitalBio LuxScan 10K provides superior imaging at a fraction of the price of competing microarray scanners.

  • Single and dual excitation-source models
  • Proprietary confocal optical design
  • Sequential scanning, no cross-talk between channels
  • Continuously adjustable laser intensity and photomultiplier
CapitalBio LuxScan 10K          High-End Brand ($120,000)

Thermal Cyclers, Real Time qPCR, and Automated Liquid Handling

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Microarrays and Microarray Services from Core Life Sciences

Core Life Sciences is pleased offer a wide range of pre-spotted microarrays and microarray services for our customers needing assistance with gene expression analysis. Our microarray services are priced competitively and results are available with quick turnaround time.

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